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[Act] Moderndog, Wisut Ponnimit, Cliquetpar in the EndJoy,
Keigo Oyamada+Yumiko Ohno +Mooog Yamamoto + Wit & Duck Unit
[DOOR/OPEN] 18:00/19:00 [END]: 22:00

[ACT] Futon(special guest Maki Nomiya), Stylish Nonsense, Bear-garden,
Kaji Hideki,Penguin villa,
[DOOR/OPEN]16:00/17:00 [END]: 22:00

[Venue] BankART studio NYK(TEL: 045-663-4677)
[Ticket]advance 3000yen / door 3500yen(notice:indclude「BankART Life」entrance fee)
[Organizer]SOI MUSIC
[In cooporate with]BankART 1929
[Support]Yokohama Triennale 2005、Office of Cotemporary Art And Culture Ministry of Culture,
Thailand、Ministry of Foreign Affairs,Thailand、Phuket Beer、

We sell advanced ticket at here.graf media gm:yokohamaasian bound book


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Contacts & Questions

SOI Tokyo T: +81-(0)80-5504-1795 F: +81-(0)3-5346-2927
SOI Bangkok: +66-(0)1-440-9678

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In the last few years Bangkok's cultural underground has built a strange amount of momentum. Nether Seoul nor Shanghai but Bangkok. Neither Japan not Vietnam but Thailand. Neither euros nor dollars but baht. Finally, neither chai nor cafe lattes but really sweet green tea; that is what is popular in Thailand.

The SOI-Music Festival got off to a landslide start last year as a way to introduce people to the pop-culture of Thailand (presented last year at Club Milk in the Ebisu district of Tokyo). Neither a simple introduction nor exchange event, the festival was an experiment in bringing together the most interesting people and music from a number of locations into the same space in order to see what reactions would take place.
This year we are scheduling events in both Tokyo and Bangkok. Bangkok will see an exhibition and live performance from Cornelius (also featuring Spank Happy!). Those in Japan will experience live performances from a number of Thai musicians.

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Contacts & Questions

SOI Tokyo T: +81-(0)90-4671-9015
SOI Bangkok: +66-(0)1-440-9678
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